"Because of our love for you we were ready to share with you not only the
Good News from God but even our own lives."
Thessalonians 2:8

Local Outreach Programs (Across The Street Ministries)

Faithful Stewards is a non-profit corporation established for charitable purposes for those in the El Dorado Hills and surrounding communities.

Our primary goals are:

  • Form teams of people locally who are committed to honoring God with their money, time and/or talents. Like-minded individuals who can partner, serve and compliment each other in this God-honoring and people-serving endeavor.
  • Partner with local charitable organizations with the purpose of serving those that are less fortunate and in need.
  • Be God's hands and feet on earth. Live out our lives in a way that will positively effect those we come in contact with.
  • Become a central organization that can help facilitate people who want to give but aren't sure exactly how or where.
  • Be a group that can regularly meet to be accountable with, fellowship, share ideas, encourage and work together to meet a common goal.





Ways you can help locally:




Meal Programs

Our community is so blessed and has a tremendous opportunity to reach out to others. Some people in our community do not have the resources to adequately feed themselves. Ongoing meal serving opportunities are available in our community as well as special monthly needs.
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Tutor, Activities and Mentor Programs

There are children in our community in need of tutoring and/or mentoring assistance. With volunteers to assist these children with their homework, or to supervise and administer after-school programs, many of these local children will have an increased possibility of excelling at school. There are ongoing volunteer needs as well as special monthly needs in this area.
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The Change 4 Hope program allows all of us to do a little by saving our pocket change. Your change multiplied over time, and combined with others,will provide tremendous hope to many people.
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Faithful Stewards, 1336 Downieville Dr, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 
Brandon@faithfulstewards.net  (916) 225-0130 or  alisha@faithfulstewards.net  (916) 765-9422
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