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"But first, be concerned about His Kingdom and what has His approval.
Then all these things will be provided for you."
Matthew 6:33

Global Outreach Programs


Mission Trips

Faithful Stewards is focused not only on local needs but also on needs spanning the globe. Our Global Outreach Team (GO Team!) participates in short-term mission trips which provide the team with an opportunity to put their faith into action. Short-term mission trips are a way for you to reach out beyond your daily life and step into the lives of people in another culture or of another lifestyle then your own. This experience is truly one that cannot be captured in words. It is one that is only captured within the heart of the person who goes, follows God's call and steps out into the unknown to serve others and to share the love of Christ.
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Currently, our focus is on Nicaragua and more specifically on the Refugee Camp called Nueva Vida. This is a community for about 15,000 survivors from hurricane Mitch. In 1998 around 1500 families who lost everything were moved to two cow pastures in Cuidad Sandino. Each family was given a 10' x 15' plot of land and a plastic tarp for shelter. While some families still live in these conditions most families in the past few years nowlive in a small concrete structure. This area has tremendous need for outside support. Due to hurricane Mitch:

  • 521,000 houses were damaged or destroyed.
  • 8,000 kilometers of roads were impassable.
  • 70 bridges were destroyed.
  • 343 schools damaged or destroyed.
  • 416 health centers damaged or destroyed.
  • Total damages: $1.5 billion - twice the annual GNP.
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Sponsor a Child

Partner 4 Hope is a sponsorship program to provide a child with a daily meal. For just $20/ per month, you can sponsor a child to be fed daily.  
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